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To Build This Project Accept The Sdk License Agreements And Install The Missing Components

by Brian on October 11, 2021

Let`s see how to fix this problem with two CLI methods and Android Studio SDK Manager. CLI method. Open CMD and then switch to the directory where Android Studio is installed. Then run the CMD command. C:UsersAppDataLocalAndroidSdktoolsbinsdkmanager “platforms; android-28” with your username. Then press Enter, and then you will be prompted to accept the terms with The entry of Y. I tried this: Flatter Doctor –android-licenses and PS C:UsersaiqinAppData Local Android Sdktoolsbin> ./sdkmanager –licenses This problem cannot be reproduced. My flutter doctor -v: Accept Android SDK license, error when installing the following Android SDK packages, as some licenses have not been accepted. platforms;android-28 Android SDK Platform 28 You have not accepted the license agreements for the following SDK components: [Android SDK Platform 23, Android SDK Build Tools 23.0.1]. Before you create your project, you must accept the license agreements and complete the installation of the missing components with the Android Studio SDK Manager. It seems that the licensing issue has failed. @aiqinxuancai After obtaining –android doctor licenses and accepting all licenses, does this problem persist? If you | run sdkmanager –licenses, then we print the contents of $ANDROID_HOME/licenses/android-sdk-license, 1.-Download the desired option of 2.-Then unzip the files and open a command window.

(I put the extracted files in C In the command window, go to the folder -> am and run: sdkmanager –licenses It takes a little time to accept only the licenses here. Build features not found for Android SDK Platform 25 package #430, Hello @itinance. Thank you for this wonderful contribution to the open source world. Here is my package.json. “dependencies”: { “react”: “16.0.0”, This type of error occurs because we have not installed or accepted the updated API version on the Android Studio SDK Manager. To continue creating APK files or debugging ionic applications, we need to install the API version indicated by mistake. As you can see in the CLI error, the platform version is 28. I was initially surprised that it didn`t work immediately, even when I accepted the licenses for the mentioned components via the Android tool, but I was told that it was the SDK manager in AS that created the /licenses folder.

Even with circleci/android:api-28-alpha, it fails. Interestingly, not all projects fail, but only a few. I may be late, but it helped me accept the SDK licenses for OSX, you didn`t accept the license agreements for the following SDK components: I`m working to replicate this locally so I can debug more completely. One thing I would suggest is that you install SDK 27 and the 27.0.3 build tools so you can try to get a more meaningful error message – when I did it in our CI, at least it told me which dependencies actually failed. I downloaded the latest version of Android SDK tools 24.4.1. I used the command line to install SDKs. I entered y when asked It continues to display unfasted SDK T&Cs one after the other, and you have the option to select “y/n”. Choose it for everyone. I think it could look for the SDK 27 platform license, even if it is not installed, I see this error on CI for plugins and packages. Do you use plugins? cmd.exe /C”%ANDROID_HOME%toolsbinsdkmanager.bat –licenses » If the problem persists, you can try to reinstall the platform This is much more flexible and does not require manual intervention. The number of 30 is arbitrary, if it is enough to cover the number of license acceptances, but can be increased if necessary, @kangwang1988 myproject was created by the command “flutter create xxxx”, I did not make any changes. I don`t use Android Studio to create the apps…

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