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State Agreement Act

by Brian on October 8, 2021

including reference to other matters arising from audits and annual accounts which, according to the Comptroller General of the State, should be notified to the Treasurer. (d) The Commonwealth Parliament is invited to grant such financial assistance to the State, in accordance with Section 96 of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia, under the conditions set out in this Agreement: “Water Agreement”, an agreement between Water Corporation (established pursuant to Section 4 of the Water Corporation Act 1995) and BHP Iron Ore Pty. Ltd. ACN 008 700 981 as agent for BHP Direct Reduced Iron Pty. Ltd. and the Joint Ventures Mount Newman and Mount Goldsworthy Mining Associates, in a form approved by the Minister with respect to water supply, including the water requirements of the joint ventures for the purposes of this Agreement at Port Hedland; 9.- (1. ) The State shall pay interest to the Commonwealth on its consolidated revenues on an amount paid or pre-paid to the State by the Commonwealth under this Agreement, reimbursed by the State in accordance with the latter clause above and which has not yet been repaid, calculated from the date on which the Commonwealth paid or prepaid the amount; to the sentence indicated in this clause. `works` means the work described in the Annex to this Agreement or, if the timetable is amended in accordance with clause 11 of this Agreement, the work described in the timetable is so different. To the extent necessary to more effectively achieve the objectives of this Agreement, the List of this Agreement may be amended in such manner and manner as the State so proposes and the Treasurer consents to it to include in addition to the work or to vary its description. the parts of the works that are included at the present time, unless the list is amended to include works that are not in the northern part of the State. 3. Except as otherwise provided, this Agreement shall have no effect and shall not be binding on the Parties, except and until the legislation of the Commonwealth Parliament referred to in the last clause above is adopted, after which it shall commence and enter into full force and enter into force. 2.

Pending the date on which all the amounts to be paid by the Commonwealth under this Agreement have been paid and the State has submitted to the Treasurer proof of the Treasurer`s satisfaction with all the amounts paid or anticipated, the Comptroller General of the State shall submit to the Treasurer, as soon as possible after the end of the financial year, a report on the audits and annual accounts for each financial year. From the exercise, indicating, inter alia, an agreement concluded on the twenty-fourth day of October 1963 between the Commonwealth of Australia (referred to as the “Commonwealth”) on the one hand and the State of Western Australia (referred to as “the State” in this Agreement), on the other hand: (i) an agreement between the State and BHP Direct Reduced Iron Pty.

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