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Not Following Child Custody Agreement

by Brian on September 29, 2021

You may only want to do this as a last resort, but it can be an effective step if you feel that your ex is denying you your legal rights and you are in a situation where you want to take your child with you. Make sure you have a certified copy of custody orders with you if you ask the police to intervene. Do not take revenge by breaking the custody order. If you`ve tried to be reasonable with your ex and he still refuses to follow the educational plan, asking for contempt may be a solution. If you serve your ex with an act of contempt, he or she will be forced to appear and explain to the judge why he or she decided to ignore your previous agreements. In the letter, you legally explain why you are asking the court to hold a hearing. Your legal argument should be based on what the law says and the facts of your case. For example, a letter might say, “The education plan ordered by this court is that I receive my child on weekends. The other parent didn`t allow me to see my child on the weekend.

I showed up three times at the agreed exchange location, and the other parent never arrived. The other parent does not follow the educational plan and should be responsible for showing why they are not following the plan. “Ask the judge to make changes to the custody order. Custody and access to children is an integral part of a pennsylvania divorce case. If two ex-married people have children, a child custody plan is put in place as part of the divorce process. Custody issues can be extremely controversial and are full of potential complications. Here are some of the things you can do to resolve arrangement or arrangement issues: Sometimes parents who are going through a divorce or custody dispute can put aside their differences for the sake of their children. They can eventually agree on issues without the intervention of a judge and work together to be parents together. You may be can change the custody agreement if your ex repeatedly violates the court order. For example, you can request changes to visiting hours and duration.

Follow your part of the plan. Two injustices are not right. Generally speaking, the judge will not be happy if you ask for help to implement your educational plan, if you do not also stop your end. If you follow your part of the educational plan, this may include a request for mediation in case of disagreement. If your child is in immediate physical danger, you can call law enforcement. It`s complicated because there are all sorts of reasons why you may not follow educational instructions and conventions. For example, it can be helpful to have an honest conversation (if possible) with your ex and ask why they refuse to follow the educational plan. There are different tools that allow you to document whether or not your ex is following the educational plan..

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