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Non-Disclosure Agreements Kentucky

by Brian on September 28, 2021

How do I know if my company`s competition bans are fragile? The Kentucky Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a contract between two (2) parties that legally binds either party to protect trade secrets and other confidential information. If a party has information propagated, either accidentally or on its own initiative, it is held liable and the second party may use the NDA in court to claim damages for damages caused by the misappropriation of the information. Although not prescribed by law, signing an NDA in the presence of a notary will help prove its validity if necessary in the context of legal proceedings. Once reserved for senior managers who had access to trade secrets, competition bans are now popular with a large number of sectors and all levels of employees. Workers who breach an agreement may face a court injunction preventing them from joining the company they wish to hire or can be sued for damages if they recruit the protected company`s customers or if they disclose the protected company`s sensitive information. When a company has the decision to cooperate with other companies to grant or sell products and services, it may make sense to disclose sensitive commercial, commercial and financial data. Here too, there are times when confidentiality agreements can be indispensable. Given the importance of competition bans and other restrictive agreements for the protection of a company`s most critical assets – customers, employees and intellectual property, to name but a few – this is a situation in which regular “verification” with legal counsel may be appropriate. If your company has not recently checked its competition bans with a lawyer or if you are concerned about the impact of the Creech decision on the applicability of your company`s non-compete agreements, SKO`s labour lawyers are happy to speak to you. When experienced business lawyers create your documents, you can avoid or minimize potential litigation that could derail your business. At Bunch & Brock, our Lexington, KY-based lawyers understand the needs of individual business owners and we have the skills to help them deal with potential employment and ownership issues.

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