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Certification Of Agreement Sample

by Brian on September 13, 2021

“HeartMath has developed highly successful interventions to improve mental, emotional and physical balance. HeartMath technology and hardware are not intended to replace medical or psychological treatments with licensed physicians, psychologists, or other healthcare professionals. “This contract is valid for three (3) years and can be renewed by fulfilling the conditions of extension, the details of which will be sent to you 6 months before your 3-year anniversary date. Non-performance of any provision of this Agreement shall result in termination within thirty days, unless it has been corrected. In this Agreement, authorization may be granted either in writing or electronically, if authorization or authorization is required. If conflicts were to arise, we would vote 1.) Negotiate directly with each other; 2.) Select an independent external mediator; and 3.) If we still do not reach an agreement, we should use binding arbitration instead of going to court. If we were not able to solve our problems in this way, immediate irreparable damage could be caused, for which, for reasons of omission, it is an appropriate means. If you have a dispute with a customer or other third party as part of the HeartMath technology, let us know so that we can attend a meeting of the parties to assist with the solution. Your certification status will begin after successfully completing the HeartMath intervention course, including the submission and approval of a case study, as described in the course manual. This agreement does not permit the use, promotion or sale of the HeartMath name, proprietary information or training materials without prior written permission for any purpose other than your own therapeutic work….

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