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Arc Lief Funding Agreement

by Brian on September 11, 2021

Funding of the university research budget is at the discretion of the Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Research), who may apply for matching funding on a co-investment basis from the Vice-President and executive Dean/Dean (Research). b. the CRA is of the view that any party involved in or related to the proposal or a CRA-funded research project has not disclosed a conflict of interest that has the potential to influence or influence the research and activities, publications and media reports or funding applications related to the proposal (subsection 4.4.2); When making available information about a proposal approved for funding, the CRA may use a description of the project, including the title and abstract, which may differ from that contained in the proposal. If the managing organization or a cooperating organization does not provide the necessary contribution, the CRA may recover some or all of the funds made available to the administrative organization. 12.1.4 The CRA reserves the right to submit funding recommendations to the Minister based on any number of evaluations or solely on the basis of the CRA`s assessment. 4.2.1 LIEF shall make available to eligible organisations funds for research infrastructure, equipment and equipment to support high-quality research projects. (iii) “justification of the funding requested by the CRA”; The LIEF programme makes funds available to eligible organisations for research infrastructure, equipment and equipment. It enables researchers to participate in cooperative initiatives to share expensive research infrastructure, equipment and equipment between higher education organisations as well as with industry. The programme also encourages cooperation by supporting the cooperative use of international or national research organisations.

12.4.2 The CRA may decide, at its discretion, to recommend that an application not be accepted for funding if: A2.1 The funding agreement requires that any contribution by the CRA to research and other activities funded by the CRA be duly acknowledged. Where the researcher or any other party publishes or produces, at any time, during or after the end of a project, documents such as books, articles, newsletters or other literary or artistic works relating to the research project, the administrative organization must (to the extent possible) ensure that the CRA`s contribution and support to the project is recognized prominently and under a appropriate form. This recognition should include the reference to the CRA as a funder. Similar efforts should be made to recognize ARC`s assistance with television and radio participation, print media interviews, and other public discussions about the project. 6.4.3 Where a proposal requests salary funding for a CI or IP, except for salary costs authorized in accordance with subsections 6.3.1.b, 6.3.1.c and/or 6.3.1.d, the proposal is not recommended or approved for funding. 4.1.5 The CRA is a legal authority of the Australian Government, created in accordance with the CRA Act. The CRA`s main missions, as defined in the ARC Act, are to make recommendations on the funding of research programs, to manage funding to support research programs, and to provide policy advice on research. . . .

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