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West Virginia University Indirect Cost Rate Agreement

by Brian on April 14, 2021

Proportionate and necessary: the costs must be reasonable and necessary to carry out the project. An examiner, for example, buys laboratory needs to complete work on his or her project. These deliveries are proportionate and necessary for the project to be completed and may be billed directly. The investigator also purchased a new microscope that was for sale in the store where he purchased the laboratory materials. The microscope is not necessary for its current project, but may be necessary for a future project. These costs are not reasonable and necessary for the current project and therefore cannot be billed as direct costs. Travel expenses in excess of the fees normally accepted by the institution under an institutional policy, commercial flight costs exceeding the lowest commercial transportation price available, the federal contract fare or the normal price of the flight, when they are not available, must be justified and documented on a case-by-case basis and in the current condition. Air travel from non-commercial airlines must not exceed the cost of business flights. Memberships and subscriptions: Affiliations with professional or scientific companies and subscriptions to scientific publications cannot be directly billed to a sponsored program. 2 CFR 200.454 list of institutional affiliations and subscriptions as eligible.

In general, the library will provide access to journals, books and other forms of scientific publications. These costs are included in the costs of facilities and administrative services (DR) (indirectly). No no. The cost rate of research and development must be billed to all results of for-profit sponsored research when the for-profit company has initiated the research and/or acts as a sponsor in accordance with the Corporate Research Agreements Directive. If VCU initiated the project and the for-profit organization has a published policy that pays a reduced rate for projects initiated by auditors, you can use the exception #1 and calculate a lower R and D cost rate. Cost-sharing required by a sponsor as a condition for a distinction. This requirement is always indicated in the published description of the sponsorship announcement. Although it is sometimes expressed in fixed dollars, needs are generally expressed as a percentage of the total project cost or as a percentage of the sponsors` share in the total cost of the project. Mandatory cost-shared expenses must be determined for analytical accounting purposes and reported to the proponent in the project`s financial report.

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