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Photographer Non Disclosure Agreement

by Brian on April 11, 2021

A few years ago, I met the casual client who asked for what is called an NDA (None Disclosure Agreement). They were usually people in public, footballers, actors and television personalities. They obviously didn`t want to lose control of their wedding photos and found them all over the site of a endured wedding photographer. Or worse, sold to one of the best red newspapers. It was very good of me – this kind of clients was a sign that I`m going somewhere – and I`ve always calculated a healthy premium for the NDA. This document could perhaps prevent the photographer from disclosing information or identifying details of the relationship with the client. However, we recommend the privacy protection statement for the action of the photos themselves (i.e. not granting permission to use the client`s data protection rights). Confidentiality agreements, also known as NOAs, are confidentiality agreements between two parties. This agreement establishes a relationship between the parties in order to protect confidential and protected information. Personally, I don`t think the customers have really thought about it. Of course, there are legitimate reasons for wanting to limit the use of images, but if they were not able to see the photographers` portfolios, they would not have known who to book. From the photographers` point of view, if you can`t show your best work online, there is a minimal incentive to go the extra mile when it comes to the photo shoot.

Do I have to wade through this river to get the perfect shot? That`s not a point. Even May can stay dry. Will I lie down in a muddy field to get an interesting angle for this shot? Nope, can also save on the dry cleaning bill. The photographers have only made extra efforts to show their work to other photographers on Instagram and Facebook. If few people will see your superb shot, why bother? Sorry – my smoke bombs stay in the car for this. Intellectual Property Rights – Copyright – Client Image Use is also there (this is where you can decide if you can authorize it to full copyright and then use the extended license agreement included) No matter what type of photohooting you are working on, JotForm PDF Editor is easily customizable to help you design perfect photography chords like polished PDFFs. , collect contact information, process secure payments via Square or PayPal or even add legally binding electronic signatures. Give yourself and your customer a new level of security with our PDF model for Photography Client Agreement – and make it! So if you`re considering booking a wedding photographer and putting a total confidentiality clause in the contract, think about it again – do you really need it? Your photographer may want to pay more, but in the end, less effort.

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