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Ohio Physician Assistant Collaborative Agreement

by Brian on April 11, 2021

For simplicity`s sake, the Commission has updated the surveillance agreement forms in the following links. The monitoring agreements to be filed at the place of practice remain in effect for an indefinite period until the doctor terminates the surveillance of the Pa (s). At any time they choose to practice, they should enter into a standard supply agreement with a qualified cooperating physician and inform the Board of Directors at that time. We will send you an email if there are new jobs as a medical assistant. At the time of online renewal, they will post a document containing cooperating medical information or an explanation of the lack of cooperating medical information. If a change occurs on another (non-extended) date, it will provide the Board of Directors with the name, license and contact information of the cooperating physician by e-mail (, fax (614-466-0388) or Permail (Ohio Board of Nursing, 17 p. High Street, 4th floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215), as was the case previously. An NP may prescribe drugs and substances controlled by Schedule III-V in collaboration with a physician. An NP may prescribe Schedule II-controlled substances if the patient has a terminal illness, if the supervising physician first prescribed the substance, and if the prescription applies to an amount not exceeding the amount required for the patient`s use for a single 24-hour period. Ohio Rev.

Code Ann. 4723.481 All NRAs should discuss the impact of the new formula on your practice with your cooperating physician or institution. For those with existing monitoring agreements, nothing is necessary (other than making sure that a copy is stored on the exercise site), even if they are intended for renewal. Ensure that any changes to the agreements by September 26, 2018 result in a new monitoring agreement to be retained. Make sure that all the monitoring agreements you have on file on September 26, 2018 are correct. After 26 September, the College of Physicians will begin the audit procedure and there will be penalties for non-compliance. Here is the link: a monitoring agreement between the doctor and the AP is necessary and appropriate supervision is established between the doctor and the AP.

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